Measure A is brought to you by…

Wealthy, Out-of-Town Wall Street Investors


The wealthy, out-of-state backers of Measure A wrote it to protect the Golden Door Spa, which campaign finance records show has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Measure A. This luxury resort near Escondido attracts the rich and famous, who pay $10,000 a week. The owners are among the richest people in the world.

These extremely wealthy Wall Street investors want to keep affordable homes far away from their exclusive hotel and force them into congested neighborhoods. Their measure exempts commercial and industrial developments, including casinos, hotels and expanding the Golden Door.

Measure A is Opposed by

Nathan Fletcher
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
Mary Casillas Salas
Chula Vista Mayor
Jerry Sanders
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
Racquel Vasquez
Lemon Grove Mayor
Kevin Faulconer
San Diego Mayor
Jim Desmond
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
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What is Measure A?

Measure A requires a countywide vote to add just six houses to the County’s General Plan, a planning document that guides growth in the unincorporated areas of the county. That is not a typo: If someone wants to add as few as six affordable homes, Measure A would force 1.6 million voters to the ballot box to approve that change in addition to the County’s current approval process.

The measure uses deceptive language to gloss over this absurd 6-unit threshold: “The voter approval requirement shall not apply: Where the General Plan amendment increases the maximum number of allowed dwelling units by five or fewer.” Click here to read the measure.

But Measure A puts no limits at all on hotels, resorts, casinos, country clubs, office buildings, warehouses, or factories in our rural and semi-rural areas. Worst of all, for 20 years Measure A would block most or all changes to the County’s General Plan – a document planning experts say should be regularly updated to guide growth and respond to community needs. That won’t happen if voters approve this measure.

Why Everyday San Diegans Are Voting No on Measure A

Jimenez Family

Jerry and Nydia Jimenez grew up in San Diego, met in high school, and always thought they would settle down here for good, but today they’re considering moving to Riverside County or beyond in order to buy a house for their growing family.
“Measure A makes it more difficult to afford the type of house I’d love to move my family into. Anything that makes it more difficult for new housing to be built, or more expensive to live in what we already have, is something I’m totally against.”
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